The Cause

Pacekids Programs is a Calgary charity (established in 1994) that provides education and therapy programs tailored for infants and children with special needs (i.e. conditions such as cerebral palsy, down syndrome, autism and motor disabilities) and their families. The programs are family-focused and address a broad spectrum of needs, from individual therapy to structured programs like preschool and kindergarten. So often, children with special needs have intellect and abilities that are hidden by their difficulties to communicate or demonstrate. The right combination of support and encouragement can draw out a child’s potential and build on their other abilities. Pacekids helps kids with special needs discover their hidden potential.

Mission Statement

Pacekids Programs is family focused and strives for excellence in the therapy, education and family empowerment of children with special needs.

Kristy & Ryder My son Ryder stared attending Pacekids’ Family Support Program in 2012. As part of this program, Ryder began working with a developmental aide, as well as participating in a weekly centre based program for children, their aides, and their families. Struggling with Global Developmental Delay and Autism Spectrum Disorder, this program allowed Ryder to work on everything from feeding to communication, gross motor skills to basic play skills, and more. Our family found comfort in meeting other families with similar challenges, as well as the support of an educated team of aides and their supervisors. Ryder is now taking part in the Program Unit Funding (PUF) program at Pacekids, and continues to excel. Thanks to the hard working team of teachers, therapists and an aide, Ryder is making progress in all areas of his development. We are happy and proud to be part of the Pacekids family!

- Kristy, Ryder’s Mom

Canadian Pro Rodeo Sport Medicine Society

The Canadian Pro Rodeo Sport Medicine Team, or CPRSMT, is a group of dedicated caregivers who love the sport of rodeo. The team strives to help athletes in their rodeo careers by providing care before, during or after each performance, as necessary. The team educates and enables competitors to take better care of themselves and their injuries to ensure they get the most out of their rodeo season. By providing this care we have seen a reduction in the number of turn-outs.We have over 40 practitioners in the disciplines of athletic therapy, massage therapy, and chiropractic care that provide on-site attention to rodeo athletes. In the 2013 season the team attended to over 130 performances in Western Canada including Canadian Pro Rodeo Association rodeos, Professional Bull Riders events, The Calgary Stampede Rodeo and Chuckwagon Races and a few other events such as rodeo schools.
The CPRSMT also includes a network of physicians, sport medicine doctors and orthopaedic surgeons providing post injury care to rodeo competitors.

The Canadian Pro Rodeo Sport Medicine Team is a not-for-profit organization. Our Board of Directors is 100% volunteer-run. The practitioners are paid a stipend for the rodeos they attend and travel costs are covered as well. Additional expenses include supplies and equipment, our truck and mobile treatment trailers and administrative costs. The team is not a financially self-sustaining organization and relies on contributions from the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association and its members, rodeo committees and private donors.